Bringing the school together on the curriculum intent

A lot of work has gone into the curriculum and supporting staff in understanding and implementing our school intent.

In Term 4, I carried out a staff meeting to support subject leaders and teachers with delivering the curriculum.

Sharing the indicators

I started with giving staff members the indicators for intent, implementation and impact. The sorted them into what we are doing, what we are beginning to do and what we need to improve. This was something that we did as an SLT team but it was interesting seeing it from the point of view of teachers and subject leaders.

Sharing the curriculum intent

Sharing the intent is key to get everyone reading from the same page. There are aspects of it that some teachers may not understand so we discussed the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Teachers needed to see what this entailed and more importantly, that we already do most of this. By using a record grid to record how we use this, teachers really got to see where we were doing well and what needed to be done next.

This was a really useful activity and really got us together in the view of our intent.

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