Phase 3 Curriculum Research – Expectations of Subject Leaders

The Phase 3 Curriculum research stated that inspectors have been collecting information about a  school’s curriculum in a uniform way and this ensured that they were assessing the curriculum in a reliable way.  No school left under fire more than others.

The visit included:

  • Monitoring the quality of at least four subjects. These were not just English and Maths so be prepared.
  • Discussions with subject leaders about the standards of their subjects.

So what do subject leaders need to do?

Triangulating evidence involves taking at least 3 independent approaches to reviewing the variable being studied, for example by using different sources of evidence.   This can be a useful way of improving the quality of the conclusions drawn.

In assessing teaching and learning within your subject, you could carry out the following:

  • Data Analysis
  • Learning walk/Lesson observations
  • Book/work scrutiny
  • Pupil Voice

This is incredibly useful but make sure to get an even bigger picture, look at different groups of children. Also, when monitoring is completed, make a note of your next actions. These can be the next steps and how you use your time next time you have your subject leadership time.

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