How do we improve attendance through the curriculum?

There are any ways to support our children’s attendance such as:

  • Celebrating and promoting attendance through assemblies with certificates and class rewards.
  • Including attendance on school newsletters
  • Opportunities to teach about the importance of attendance and arriving on time as a life skill.
  • Monitoring the attendance of our low attenders and support their parents.

But the curriculum is where we can really inspire children, especially as our role as teachers. However, we need to look at what we are offering our children in terms of the curriculum.

Often the school day looks a bit like this…


And within those sessions, children take part in a range of context. (or so we’d like to think!)


This may sound okay when looking at individual lessons but when we look at the type of learning children are doing throughout the day…


It is pretty boring! And it’s easy to see why some children may not want to come into school.

So give children a range of experiences as much as possible.  After all most of us came into teaching because every day is different, which makes it engaging and exciting.  This is exactly what we are trying to do with our children.

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