The New Framework- What’s occurring so far?

According to Amanda Spielman’s letter on 30th October, under the new framework, it is proposed that there will be a new ‘quality of education’ judgement.  This will look at curriculum intent, depth and breadth alongside the quality of teaching, the quality of pupils’ work and the resulting outcomes.


Curriculum intent – What do we want for our children? How much substance is in the curriculum?

Quality of teaching (depth and breadth) – What are our children learning? Are they studying a curriculum that is rich, broad and deep?  How is our teaching showing that we are fulfilling the intent?  Are teachers empowered to feel like they are experts in their subjects?

Quality of pupils’ work- How are children showing that their work is fulfilling the intent?

Impact – The results and wider outcomes that children achieve and the destinations that they go on to.

Best get on with strengthening my curriculum intent then….

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