10 ways to promote learning behaviours.

  1. Use the learning behaviour vocabulary with the children during learning time, assemblies, as marking and feedback
  2. Class dojos (https://www.classdojo.com)- children earn dojos for showing that they have been using the learning muscles.
  3. Weekly certificates linked to the learning muscles. An assembly to explain what children will be working on is great for getting the whole school on board.
  4. Display boards – Make them even better by including examples of children using their learning muscles.


  1. Parent leaflet and parent workshops so that parents can support their children in developing learning behaviours.
  2. Make it your school values so all staff, pupils and stakeholders are supporting in the principles or standards which he school want their children to achieve.
  3. Plan with the learning behaviours in mind- this trains teachers in using the learning behaviours and focuses learning that is meaningful.
  4. Model the learning behaviours.
  5. Provide training for all staff. You could even have a leader in learning behaviours within your school.
  6. Review on a regular basis. Nothing ever stays the same and there is always ways to improve.

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