Characteristics of Effective Learning – Motivation

Another area that has been embedded into EYFS practice that can easily filter throughout the school.


In order to be active learners, we want children to think about how they learn and not just what they learn.  Some schools use a growth mindset approach but I use Guy Claxton’s Building Learning Power to teach children learning behaviours of resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and reciprocity.


The learning behaviours are used across the school, putting children in charge of their own learning and therefore being more involved, resilient and motivated to do well.

In Early Years, our teachers use dinosaurs.  This gives children a context in which they are interested in, using words that they understand. A great start to active learning!










In Key Stage One, we use superheroes.  I have never shied away from using the Building Learning Power words because children love being able to use and understand the new, more difficult words.3

Don’t be afraid to use the learning muscles and the difficult words because later you’ll see the benefits of children having a good understanding of the learning behaviours.

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