Action Planning

What is an action plan?

An action plan is a way to make sure your school’s vision is made concrete. It describes the way your team will use its strategies to meet its objectives. An action plan consists of a number of action steps or changes to be brought about.

Each action step or change to be sought should include the following information:

  • What actions or changes will occur
  • Who will carry out these changes
  • By when they will take place, and for how long
  • What resources (i.e., money, staff) are needed to carry out these changes
  • Communication (who should know what?)

What are the criteria for a good action plan?

The action plan for your initiative should meet several criteria.

Is the action plan:

  • Complete? Does it list all the action steps or changes to be sought in all relevant parts of the community (e.g., schools, business, government, faith community)?
  • Clear? Is it apparent who will do what by when?
  • Current? Does the action plan reflect the current work? Does it anticipate newly emerging opportunities and barriers?

 Completing an action plan

action planning 1

Key area and aim List the issues identified in your subject audit and the school development plan
Key actions List of how you are going to work towards the key area
Who Identify the person in charge of the initiative or development and anyone who will be in a supporting role.

Include who will monitor the action and this may include Governors.



Identify anything that will affect school organisation, e.g. release of staff; timetabling of -hall etc.

Provide approximate costs e.g. prices of books and equipment, cost of attending courses, cost of buying time (e.g. supply cover) in order to carry out your intentions.

Success Criteria/Impact Identify the criteria by which you will know your targets have been achieved.

Include the impact this will have on teaching, learning and standards.

How will you know that you are achieving that you planned to do?

Key judgements and points for further action.

Target date/

time scale

When do you expect to see the results of your proposed development?

Set realistic achievable timescales.

Plan dates for monitoring and evaluation.



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