Curriculum Design – Strengths, targets and barriers

When thinking about your school’s curriculum you need to question….

‘Is your curriculum world class, unique and individual to the context of your school, whilst meeting the needs of all your current pupils?’

With this question in mind, draw a heart and inside place what is going well.  What it is that makes your curriculum meet the needs of all current pupils?  What makes it world class, unique and individual to your school?


Looking at the curriculum linked to your current pupils works for any schools.  When I attended the course where we were asked to complete this task, it was interesting what provision special schools were giving their children.  There are no limits to what we can do with our children.


Next look at how you would want to improve your curriculum.  This can come from things that you have seen while:

  • On courses
  • Reviewing your current curriculum (with teachers, leaders, children, parents, support staff),
  • School monitoring,
  • Creating key issues from the school development plan,
  • Investigating children or adult experience and expertise.

There are so many ways to get us in to an even better position.


The next part really interested me because we were thinking about it before it happened – the barriers.  Now as well as problems, we can think of solutions before many of them occur.


I did this in January 2018 and this is how it looked.


Luckily I had recently carried out pupil voice, reviewed my action plan and completed a book look so I had some ideas to joint down.  However, I used all of those pieces of paper to tell me what to do next instead of looking at this.  Also looking back at it now… there are some questionable strengths which would now be a target.

Now this is something that I would do on a regular basis with all stakeholders within the school to review the curriculum and look at where we can go next. It’s easy, quick and doesn’t involve filling in a form.  Children can complete and I’m sure staff would enjoy the felt tip pens as well.

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